The Simulated Camera
Anime Boston 2018
Saturday 11:30AM in Sheraton Panel Public Garden

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Panel Description
Animation can display anything, from any angle, in any space. Yet, it often imitates the mechanics of a real camera - lens flare, the shakiness of a handheld, an out-of-focus shot - to leverage the existing emotions and associations created by live action film.

In this panel, we cover the history of anime director as auteur, animating on a budget, visual storytelling techniques, and how the simulated camera can support the narrative and drive audience empathy.
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Part 1 - Why the camera?

Part 2 - East vs West

Part 3 - Common Techniques

Part 4 - Serving the Narrative

Part 5 - Active Movement

Part 6 - Synthesis
Sources and Inspiration

See also: an earlier version of this panel from AnimeNYC 2017