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2018/01/30 - Jesse Mason
cult classics compilation

2018/01/12 - Mike Zaimont
What Fighting Games Have Learned and What Fighting Games Have Forgotten

2018/01/12 - Cross Counter
Mike Ross bets money on a read

2018/01/05 - Cross Counter

2017/10/20 - Charity Majors
The Engineer/Manager Pendulum

2017/09/20 - John Allspaw
On Being A Senior Engineer

2017/09/20 - Medium
(Almost) everything that’s wrong with nowadays software development

2017/09/20 - Scott Meyers
Cpu Caches and Why You Care

2017/08/06 - Lauren Wilford
Towards a True Children’s Cinema: on 'My Neighbor Totoro'

2017/07/25 - Old Man Murray
Death of Adventure Games

2017/06/05 - The Atlantic
How Donald Trump Could Build an Autocracy in the U.S.

2017/06/01 - Yasuhiro Takeda
The Notenki Memoirs: Studio Gainax And The Men Who Created Evangelion

2017/02/10 - Wave Motion Cannon
Symbology and Abstraction in The Tatami Galaxy

2017/02/08 - Gary Bernhardt
Wat - Destroy All Software Lightning Talk

2017/02/05 - David Sirlin
Playing to Win Example: Richard Hatch on Survivor

2017/02/04 - EDH Source
Lessons from EDH

2017/02/04 - Blake Reynolds
A Pixel Artist Renounces Pixel Art

2017/02/02 - Wave Motion Cannon
Iron-Blooded Orphans is NOT "Mari Okada’s Gundam"

2017/01/29 - Wave Motion Cannon
Luluco – Imaishi’s Refusal to Make Normal Anime

2017/01/28 - Aaron Forsythe
Skullclamp, We Hardly Knew Ye

2017/01/01 - FrankJavCee

2017/01/01 - RedLetterMedia
Boyhood and stories

2017/01/01 - Conley Woods
Understanding Aggro-Combo

2017/01/01 - Mike Flores
Finding the Tinker Deck

2017/01/01 - Mike Flores
Who's The Beatdown?

2017/01/01 - Douglas Buel
What I Know About Magic: The Gathering

2017/01/01 - kayin
Reaction Speeds in Gaming

2017/01/01 - Dave Rapoza
There are no Absolutes - General Rant

2017/01/01 - Michael Malice
My Week in North Korea

2017/01/01 - Inio Asano
Interview: Reality is tough, so read this manga about cute girls and feel better

2017/01/01 - Wave Motion Cannon
Anime Guilt

2017/01/01 - Alexander Smit
The Compatible Aesthetics of Big O

2017/01/01 - Fine Whining and Breathing
Ping Pong: On Heroism and the False Sense of Enlightenment

2017/01/01 - Fine Whining and Breathing
Zen Buddhism and Enlightenment in Ping Pong the Animation

2017/01/01 - Fine Whining and Breathing
What it means to be a hero – episode 3 of Ping Pong: the Animation

2017/01/01 - Fine Whining and Breathing
Heroism in Ping Pong: the Animation, episodes 1 and 2

2017/01/01 - Fine Whining and Breathing
Madoka is a terrible philosophical trainwreck, with spoilers

2017/01/01 - Wave Motion Cannon
Shinbo is Dead: A New Generation of Shaft

2017/01/01 - Wave Motion Cannon
Nichijou: Raising the Bar

2017/01/01 - Tokyo Scum Brigade
Tiger & Bunny: Criminally Bad CG or Heroic Effort?

2017/01/01 - Wave Motion Cannon
An Introduction to Framerate Modulation

2017/01/01 - Wave Motion Cannon
Why over sixty years of animation history still remains obscure

2017/01/01 - Film Crit Hulk Smash

2017/01/01 - Wrong Every Time
Your Taste is Bad and So Are You